Life, Book, Life

Hello, Darlings! ❤️ My goodness, life has flipped upside down! I hope that no matter where you are, you are staying safe and calm. I managed to unglue myself from the news once I realized how much stress it was causing me. Well, I suppose being locked in the house gives me time to work […]

Preview of Knocked Up by Her Brother’s Best Friend

Hello, Darlings! ❤️ I invite you to sit back and enjoy this free preview of my debut novel, a sweet/sexy/steamy accidental pregnancy romance: Knocked Up by HerBrother’s Best Friend Chapter One Lydia Jones sipped on her bright-red cosmopolitan, a bemused smirk on her face.  She watched her older brother’s best friend, Jacob Cabico, from across […]

Cover Reveal

Hello, Darlings! ❤️ My debut novel has been published! I am so very excited and thankful 🙂 And with a drum roll, here is my cover reveal: Isn’t it the cutest?! The image perfectly captures the main protagonist’s (Lydia Jones) uplifted attitude, naughtiness, and spark ✨ It also captures the love interest’s (Jacob Cabico) inability […]

Finishing the Final Draft

Hello, Darlings! ❤️ First, I wanted to thank everyone who has followed me here on my blog and on Instagram. I am only an aspiring author of romance, and the love and support already showered onto me is something I am so very thankful for! You are all the best! I have also read a […]