Who is Lily Lovebrook?

Hello, Darlings! 🌸

I am so excited that you’re here today! My blog is all about romance books.

I spend most of my time reading and writing romance, and I would love to share with you romance book reviews (usually indie, but not always), romance aesthetics, and my very own romance stories and books.

Yes, I am an author!

I am also a homemaker and I have a BA in English. I love to spend my time reading romance, cuddling with my husband, caring for my family, and savoring sweet candy 🍭

I enjoy romance books that are somewhere
between clean and dirty. So…

🌸 Sweet, Sexy, and Steamy 🌸

If you are the same, then you’re going to adore this blog!

My goal for the coming year is to talk with you about all things romance books and romance writing. I also hope to find some hidden gems to share with you (it can be hard to find a new Kindle book, with so many options!) and to give you many awe-inspiring romance images.

Please join me on this wonderful adventure by following.
Also, check out my About section to learn a little more about me.


Lily Lovebrook 🌸

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