Finishing Draft One

Hello, Darlings! 🌸

These past few weeks I have been immersed in a world of my own making.

I have spent time with characters, places, and themes. I have laughed and I have sighed. I have plotted, cut, pasted, deleted, re-written, and reviewed. All to bring you the best possible romance I can write!

And after working 6 days a week, I am nearing the end of my first draft.

Writing is such a sweet, wonderful journey 🙂

I will be doing a cover reveal for my debut novel soon. It is a light-hearted, sweet/sexy/steamy romance, with tropes of friends-to-lovers and an accidental pregnancy! I hope readers will have a fantastic, romantic time reading the story of Lydia and Jacob ❤️


Lily Lovebrook 🌸

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