“Romancing the Beat” Book Review

Hello, Darlings! And a Happy Valentine’s Day to you ❤️

I’m delighted to share this book with you today on this most romantic of days 🥰 This book is especially helpful for romance writers, such as myself.

(PS: My own WIP is on the 2nd draft now! Eek!)

Romancing the Beat by Gwen Hayes

I give this book five hearts!

This book shows you how to outline your romance novel in a way that allows for rising action, conflict, and a satisfying conclusion.

Once you see the “pattern,” however, you’ll see it everywhere! Movies and other books use this pattern often, beautifully.

(The reason we don’t notice it as a “pattern” is because it flows so well that we just get swept away by the story.)

I highly recommend this book for romance genre authors (think Harlequin Books or any other mass market paperback series).

I also recommend it for the authors who have a ton of scenes in their mind, but have no idea how to organize them.

Of course, this book is a general template full of outlining ideas, and not set in stone! Your story can take many twists and turns as your romance story unfolds.

Do you have any romance writing secrets?
Whisper them to me in the comments


Lily Lovebrook 🌸

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