In Praise of Love

Hello, Darlings! ❤️

Though we read about romance in a million different ways, isn’t it the sweetest when it happens to us? I believe that true love is rare… that’s what makes it special.

A first kiss isn’t special because it is a first kiss.
A first kiss is special because it is a first kiss with the one you love.

I have been so blessed to have found true love in my life, a friendship that expanded years and crossed the line between platonic and love… It’s been a dream ❤️

And I can honestly say, I feel this way:

My love has helped me grow. He definitely taught me patience, something I used to have zero of! 😂 And because I had a difficult past, he taught me what it looked like, what it was, to TRULY love. So much compassion, kindness, and forgiveness involved.

So, even though we fall into these very heady, and exciting, and sexy romances…
…let’s not forget about true love.

With love,

Lily Lovebrook 🌸

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