Preview of Knocked Up by Her Brother’s Best Friend

Hello, Darlings! ❤️ I invite you to sit back and enjoy this free preview of my debut novel, a sweet/sexy/steamy accidental pregnancy romance:

Knocked Up by Her
Brother’s Best Friend

Chapter One

Lydia Jones sipped on her bright-red cosmopolitan, a bemused smirk on her face.  She watched her older brother’s best friend, Jacob Cabico, from across the bar.  He leaned forward to close the space between himself and a tall brunette wearing a tight, red cocktail dress, working his magic, using his hazelnut eyes to gaze into the brunette’s pretty face.  The woman smiled shyly, in a way that told Lydia that she wasn’t completely put off by Jacob—but she wasn’t completely buying his bullshit, either.  The woman considered Jacob’s short brown hair, his trimmed yet rugged beard, his confident broad shoulders.  Jacob said something, and the woman laughed lightly with a little roll of her eyes.

Lydia shook her head.  Maybe it was time to rescue the poor girl from the claws of Jacob “Will Hump Anything” Cabico.  Lydia stood and sauntered her way over to them, standing close by until she was noticed.

“Liddy.”  Jacob noticed Lydia standing close and his smile weakened.  He motioned to the woman next to him.  “Um, this is Monica…”

The woman in the red dress huffed.  “It’s Brenda.”  She swiped her drink from the bar.  “And it’s over.”

The woman pivoted on a spiky heel and stomped away, leaving behind the scent of her exotic perfume.  Jacob closed his eyes tight, holding back a headache.

“Liddy, you’ve always been such a cockblocker.”

Lydia laughed and rubbed his arm.  “Poor little Jacob.  You still can’t see that there was nothing to block?  You got the woman’s name wrong.  How much of a dufus can you be?”  She slipped onto the barstool next to Jacob, which was still warm from the tall brunette.

Jacob opened his eyes and looked over Lydia’s thin face, chocolate-brown eyes, delicate collarbone.  “I wouldn’t have had to say her name, had you not showed up.  Cockblocker,” he accused and flicked Lydia’s brown hair from her shoulder.  “You used to wear pigtails when you blocked me back then, but I see that your new hairdo is even more effective at repelling women.”

Lydia laughed.  She raised her empty glass to the bartender, signaling for another cosmo.

“First of all,” she said to Jacob, “you were fifteen and I was thirteen.  You’re truly delusional if you thought I was blocking anything.”

“You were.”

“You were fifteen!  And just as snotty and acne-ridden as my older brother.  Ugh.  If anything, my pigtails saved you some embarrassment.  You really think those eighteen-year-old girls were going to sleep with you?”

Jacob looked away and shrugged.  Though his face was stern, the quirk of his lips betrayed a hint of amusement at the situation.

Lydia took a sip of her fresh cosmo, shaking her head to herself.  Jacob was handsome, even if he acted like a total fool around women.  If Jacob thought Lydia could still block him, he truly was delusional.

Jacob was no longer the scrawny teen that came over to play on the Xbox, but instead he was a tall, physically-fit twenty-nine-year-old, with rugged good looks, a sharp sense of style, and an edgy sense of humor.

If anything was blocking Jacob from getting women, it was his endearing and direct presence, his wit and charm that instantly told women that Jacob was a catch—one that was way out of their league.  Jacob could be intimidating, in that way.

“Well, it’s good to see you again.” Jacob exhaled and swiveled on his barstool, resting his forearms on the bar.   He raised his empty whiskey glass and waved it at the bartender.  “Didn’t think your brother would ever tie the knot.  Again.”

Lydia smiled ruefully.  “Third time’s a charm.”

“As best man, do you think it’d be appropriate for me to begin my toast with, welcome back everyone?”

“Don’t you dare!” Lydia scoffed and punched him in the arm.  “Brandon would kill you.”

Jacob laughed his charismatic laugh.  “He can’t kill me,” he said confidently and took a sip of amber whiskey. “Who would be the best man at his fourth wedding?”

Lydia’s laugh was feminine and relaxed.  The two of them finished their drinks, sitting at the bar of the hotel they were staying at for her brother’s, Brandon’s, third wedding.  The place was nearly empty with an open dance floor.

“I love this song,” Jacob said under his breath.  Then, to Lydia, “Dance with me.”

“You love Careless Whisper?” Lydia smirked.

“Hey.  It’s a classic,” Jacob stated defensively and stood.  “And besides, you scared away my dancing partner.  You owe me.”

“I did not scare her away!” Lydia scoffed but stood anyway.  “You weren’t going anywhere with her.  Trust me.”

“Oh, I trust you.  To be a pain in my ass the entire weekend.”

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Lydia offered her hand and Jacob took it, guiding her to the small dance floor with the gaudy vinyl tiles.  He spun her and Lydia turned easily, greased by the warm alcohol running through her veins.  Jacob caught her and held her close, and Lydia found herself staring at those sparkling hazelnut eyes of his, the ones who drove so many women crazy.

“I didn’t know you could dance.”  Lydia tried to swallow back her surprise.  She hadn’t seen Jacob in a year, and now, being so close to him, she could feel his large hands on her lower back.  Firm.  Strong.  Warm.  Jacob felt less like her older brother’s annoying best friend, and more like a man.

“And I didn’t know you started washing your hair.”

Jacob took a playful whiff of Lydia’s hair, caressing his lips on her neck, his whiskers lightly scratching her sensitive skin.  It sent a shiver through Lydia’s body, and even though Jacob was kidding, it affected her enough to step out of time with the music.

Lydia’s ankle twisted a bit.  She stumbled forward, catching herself on the broad shoulders of Jacob Cabico.


“Are you alright?” he asked, concerned, as he held her up firmly.  They both looked down.

“Oh, shoot!”  Lydia groaned as she saw the detached spiky heel of her shoe.  “My shoe is ruined!  I just bought these!”

“It’s not a problem,” Jacob said, holding Lydia to keep her balance.  “I can reattach the heel.  No problem.”

“Oh yeah, cobbler boy?  And how exactly are you going to do that??”

“I brought crazy glue.  And duct tape.  And WD-40.”

Lydia raised an eyebrow.

“I’m the best man,” Jacob smirked.  “I gotta be ready for anything.  Now, come on.  I’ll help you walk.”

“No need,” Lydia huffed and glanced around the nearly empty hotel.  She bent down and pulled off both heels.  She swiped the broken piece from the floor.  “Walking barefoot is not going to kill me.  Well?  Aren’t we going?”

Jacob took a moment to look down at her, now a full six inches shorter than him.  He smirked again.  “And here I thought you had just grown.”

Lydia rolled her eyes and headed to the elevators, with Jacob laughing in tow.  They went up to the fifth floor and entered room 209, which was decorated in burgundy colors with golden accents.  “Make yourself at home,” Jacob called over his shoulder as he rummaged in his suitcase for his tools.

Lydia slumped sullenly onto the cushioned chair in the small living room section of the hotel room.  Near her was a burgundy couch in a gaudy flower pattern.  The walls had typical generic hotel paintings of the Colorado mountains.

“You think this is a jinx or something?” Lydia asked, holding the heel in one hand and the broken shoe in the other.  “This has to be a sign of bad luck.”

“Why does everything have to be bad luck?” Jacob approached Lydia and tapped her nose with a finger.  “Why can’t it be good luck sometimes?”

“I mean, if you find a four-leaf clover.  Or a purple flower.  Or a lucky penny.  Yeah.  But a broken heel?”

“I dunno,” Jacob mumbled and grabbed the shoe and heel from her hands.  He put the heel up to the shoe and turned it this way and that.  “Who gets to make up the rules?” he asked absent-mindedly as he found the right spot to glue the heel back on.

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After a boring ten minutes, Jacob presented Lydia with the repaired shoe.

“Here you are, my lady.”  He knelt in front of her as though he were a prince, and Lydia had to scoff.  Jacob gently lifted her naked foot, his warm fingers curling around her ankle.

Lydia’s lips parted at the touch.  Heat flashed in her core, a sensation she hadn’t expected.  Jacob gently slid the strappy high heel onto her naked foot, his hand sliding higher from her ankle to her calf.  Lydia’s heart picked up double-time.

“Here you are…” Jacob repeated, but his attempt at playing the prince was half-hearted.  His light eyes looked up, gazing deeply into Lydia’s.  His hand, still on her calf, slid higher to the hem of her skirt resting at her knee.

“Jacob… I…” Lydia whispered.

“Um, sorry… I…” Jacob stood quickly.  He shook his head.  He tried to gather himself.

If Lydia’s older brother knew what he just did, he would definitely kill Jacob.

Lydia stood with the purpose of leaving that room, but she was only left standing close to Jacob.  The room warmed.  The walls closed in.  And all Lydia could feel was the heat emanating from Jacob’s strong body, the masculine aura of his faint cologne.

“Thanks…” she breathed, looking up at him.

“Yeah… no problem,” Jacob mumbled.  His hand reached up slowly and cupped Lydia’s cheek.  His thumb caressed her face.  Lydia closed her eyes, weakening with desire as Jacob’s warm fingers slid into her hair.

She opened her eyes to see Jacob’s lips.  It was all that she could see.

She kissed him, tentatively at first, their lips lightly tapping and exploring the new territory.  Lydia’s lips parted, and with a gentle growl Jacob’s tongue slipped inside, sending heated shimmers of longing sparkling throughout her body.

Their hands worked quickly, unbuttoning and unzipping, opening and sliding off clothing, undressing each other with clumsy steps towards the queen-sized bed.

Lydia fell backwards onto the bed, with Jacob on top, a tangle of legs and arms caressing, touching, rubbing.  They ate each other with breathless kisses.

[This part is very sexy and therefore censored.]
NOT censored in the book!
Here is a sexy gif to give you a general idea 😉

He collapsed over her, holding himself up on strong, toned arms, breathing heavily into her hair.  Lydia could feel his fast heartbeat against her breast.  She could feel her own, beating in time with his.

“Stay with me tonight,” is all Jacob said. Lydia whispered, “Yes.”

Chapter Two

The buzz at the door was like the hum of a fly’s wings, and yet it sent Jacob and Lydia scrambling faster than if it were a fire alarm.

The two of them, naked, jumped out of bed to find their clothes.  Lydia spotted her lacy underwear on the night stand, swiped them, and pulled them on.  She grabbed a pair of boxers from the floor and tossed them at Jacob’s face.

He caught them quickly and moved them from his line of sight, wanting to catch more than just a glimpse of Liddy’s tiny, perky breasts.  The morning sun slanted in from the hotel curtains, shining bright upon Lydia’s creamy skin.

The door buzzed again.

“Uh… Coming!” Jacob called out, spinning in a circle.  “Where are my pants??” he hissed.

“How should I know??” Lydia hissed back.  She scurried to the living area of the room and picked her dress up off the floor.

Someone knocked hard on the door.

“Jacob?”  The person called out.  “Jacob?  I know you’re in there.”

Jacob’s entire body tensed.  Shit!  It was Lydia’s older brother, his best friend, Brandon.  He moved with renewed speed, shoving one leg and then the other in his pants.  Lydia struggled with clumsy fingers to turn her dress right side out.

“No time.”  Jacob grabbed Lydia by the elbow and pushed her towards the bed.

“Where am I supposed to go??”

“Under.  Quickly.”

More knocking.

“Unbelievable,” Lydia muttered, yet she went down on all fours and shimmied under the bed.  Jacob tossed her dress under the bed after her.

“Jacob, open this door right now!” Brandon threatened from the other side.  “I swear, if you’re hung over on my wedding day…” the threat hung ominously in the air.

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