An Update of Yours Truly

Hello, Darlings! ❤️

I hope that you are well. Everything has changed in life, and yet many other things remain the same. I have taken a lot of time to sit back and reflect on all the changes. Life had to be adjusted here and there, like stitches on your child’s favorite doll, or letting out the waist on your favorite pants to adjust for a little extra weight 😉

I am still reading romance. I picked up a YA trilogy, and when I got to the third book, guess what it had? A pandemic! Oh, my goodness 😆 And here I thought I was partaking in a little escape-ism…

Life seems to have settled down, and in my little town, many frayed nerves have been soothed. The people in my lovely community have been kind, polite, and calm. We had wonderful fireworks for the Fourth of July, and it was incredibly romantic watching them while being held in my husband’s arms ❤️

Sigh, just thinking about it puts a smile on my face, because I am still so in love 💕 Five years and going strong. Oh, and while I mention it, how about I share with you a very romantic song? Yes, let’s do that, darling!

Okay, so I leave you with that wonderful, lovely song. And below is a lyric that you can save and share on your Instagram (the photo is Instagram-size!).


Lily Lovebrook 🌸

Enjoy this pre-made image, shareable on social media 🙂

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